Next Viking Workshop Nov. 22

Yesterday, Oct. 25 we had an interesting discussion on The Beginning of the Viking Era.  We concluded that the era actually started long before the historical start  (the raid on Lindisfarne in 793 AD) and that it probably started with trading voyages to Baltic areas, Great Britain, Germany and other nearby areas.  On these trips they learned where the places were where trade was profitable and where the wealthy monasteries were.  Just when or why they added plundering to their trading is not known.  Perhaps they decided that by plundering they could get what they wanted without giving up their trade goods.
The next Workshop will be Tue., Nov. 22 (2 days before Thanksgiving).  The subject decided on will be “The decline and end of the Viking Era”.  So, we all need to study up on this subject and come prepared to discuss it. Another subject suggested for a future workshop was  “Viking DNA”.  We also need to decide whether or not to meet in Dec. through Feb. and we need to pick a subject for the next workshop.  Meanwhile, remember the Viking mantra: Plunder first and then burn.
If you need more information contact Dave Peterson at or 6336-458-4872