Viking Meeting

Yo, Vikings!! As you know, we will not meet in January. But it is time to plan the Feb. meeting. As we are a workshop (not a lecture audience) we need to decide on a subject in advance for each workshop. I need for EACH AND EVERY member to pick some aspect of Viking life to discuss in Feb. and email or phone it to me. Please give it some thought and email (or phone) me within the next ten bays with AT LEAST one suggestion (no upper limit on suggestions. There will be other workshops). No suggestions = no program = no workshop! The Feb. Workshop will, as usual, be on the 4th Tue (Feb. 28) at 1:00 PM at the Kirkwood Commerce Bank, one block north of Adams just east of Kirkwood Rd. The meeting room is in the S/W corner of the main floor. Dave Peterson 636-458-4872