Viking Workshop: A Message from David Peterson

Just a reminder:
 The Feb. workshop will be at 1:00 PM on Feb. 28 at the Kirkwood Commerce Bank at Kirkwood Rd. and East Washington in Kirkwood.  For those who are new, the parking lot is on East Washington St. (one block north of Adams).  Come in the front door, bear a little to the right (west) and go all the way to the south west corner of the building.  The conference room where we meet will be on your right.
Votes are coming in for our subject and as soon as the rest of the votes come in (or the end of the week arrives) I will tabulate them and notify you  which one got the most votes and will be the subject for our discussion.  There will still be about 1 and 1/2 weeks to do our research.
We have received several good suggestions for programs at our Workshops!  Now we need to vote on which to have for our Feb. workshop.  I suggest that you print out the list and keep it for use on future votes. We can add to the list as we go along.   For now you need to vote for one or two of the following for the Feb. workshop by emailing them to me before the end of the week so I can see which gets the most votes and notify everyone what the subject will be in time for all to study up on it.  A few of the suggestions are not really about Vikings but, since we are democratic, I  included them in the list.
The list, so far, is:
1)  The life and holiness of St. King Olav (of Norway)
2)  William the Conqueror (from Normandy) and his Viking heritage
3)  Darker Scandinavians and Spanish roots
4)  Runic calendars from Lithuania
5)  How the Norse religion encouraged the Vikings behavior
6)  How the sagas developed and whether they continued in the homelands as
         in Iceland
7)  Viking warfare, particularly Vikings swords and metallurgy
8)  Pre-Viking history
9)  Where was the dividing line between the Svear (east) and the Goths (west) in
         what is now Sweden
10) Denmark as an educational center in Scandinavia

Dave Peterson