Viking Club Workshop March 27

The Viking Club Workshop will be held on 27 March, NOT 26 March.  All other details are correct as listed below.
There will be a workshop this month.  It will be on March 27 at 1:00 PM (the 4th Tue. of the month as usual) at the Kirkwood Commerce Bank (as usual).
The program will be presented by our friend and former member, Dr. Eric Hinrichs, and is titled “Phoenicians and the Norse”.  It is about evidence of explorers reaching America from the east before the Vikings!  If you  have and material on this subject please review it and come prepared to add to the discussion.
Also come prepared to discus the future of our Workshop.  The lack of attendance at recent workshops makes me think that we may have run our course and should disband.  If you think we should continue, come prepared to suggest programs for the future and ideas to improve our workshops and make them more interesting.