Viking Workshop: A Message from Dave Peterson

  Summer is about to end and the time is approaching to go exploring and raiding again!
     For a start we will have our next workshop on Tue., Sept. 25th, 1:00 PM at the Kirkwood Commerce Bank.
     The program will be a great one!   Jim Littlefield has agreed to give us a powerpoint presentation on Vikings in Ireland and has suggested any one of the following titles: “Influence of the Vikings on Ireland”, “The Two Viking Invasions of Ireland”, or “How the Vikings Changed Irish History and the Irish People”.  I liked all three so am presenting all.  Those who were present when Jim gave a power point presentation last Spring know what a great job he does  If time permits, we will have a general discussion on the subject(s)  so let’s all study up.
     We also need to choose a subject for November.   In the Spring a program on runes was suggested.  It would be good to choose programs for the next several workshops.
      Dave Peterson