A Message from Dave Peterson

We had a great workshop on Thus.! Bonnie Rasmussen taught us how to write our names in runes using the old Futhark, which the Vikings used. She brought small basswood panels for us to put the letters on for us to carve the names later at home and a paper to take home with the whole futhark in the proper size for tracing. She also brought some books on carving and several samples of wood carvings of different types. Then Jim Littlefield projected a program on the history of runic writing.
In our short business mtg. we selected subjects for the next 3 workshops. They are (in sequence):
1. Everyday Life of Viking Families
2. Scandinavia in World War II
3. The Life and Death of Great Vikings
When I got home there was an email from Paula Mann informing me that she has (on DVD or thumb drive I think) some excellent programs on Vikings. If she comes to the March workshop and tells us about them (and if we have the ability to project them) we can decide when to have them and possibly change the schedule above). Please pardon the italics. They sneaked in!

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