Lucia 2018

Lucia rehearsals are from 3-5pm at Kirkwood Community Center.

A note to members *** In order to participate in Lucia, your membership must be up-to-date. Please make sure to do this if you plan on attending the practices. If you have not paid your membership dues for 2018, please contact Helen Wolf, Treasurer at or by phone (636) 577-0593 *** or click the link below to download the 2018-19 Membership Application.
Swedish Council of St Louis Membership Form 2018

NEW for members…we now can accept debit/credit cards for processing membership renewals. You can now conveniently update your membership at any of the rehearsals using our newly acquired square reader. Additionally, we have several surprises in store for you at rehearsals…various Swedish items for purchase!

The practice dates are as follows:
Sunday, 11/11, 3-5pm – First Lucia practice, KCC room 200
Sunday, 11/18, 3-5pm – Second Lucia practice, KCC room 300
Sunday, 12/2, 3-5pm – Third Lucia practice, KCC room 300
Saturday, 12/8 – Noon dress rehearsal at Robert Reim Theatre
2pm Butik opens, 3pm Lucia program begins

Below you can click on the Lucia flyer (in either PDF or DOC formats) to download and share with friends you you think may like to come see our Lucia performance.
Sankta Lucia Festival flyer 2018
Sankta Lucia Festival flyer 2018

Meet Our Lucia 2018
This year’s Lucia is Sofia Erlin, daughter of Ebba Segerberg and Matthew Erlin. Sofia is a sophomore at Clayton High School. She plays volleyball, is a part of the Speech and Debate team, and writes for the school newspaper. She also volunteers through her school, and enjoys tutoring students at her old elementary school. During her free time, Sofia likes hanging out with her friends and playing with her dog Hugo.
Sofia was born in St. Louis and has lived here since then with her parents, her brother Noah, as well as her grandmother Susana and great-aunt Nicole. Her mother Ebba is Swedish and Sofia has been back to see her mother’s side of the family many times over summer vacation. Her grandparents grew up in northern Sweden, in Skellefteå and Kiruna, and have lived in Stockholm for many years. Her favorite memories from visiting them are eating kanelbullar, playing in Humlegården, taking the ferry to Gotland, and going to Gröna Lund with her cousins. Sofia has always loved going back to Sweden because it reminds her of her heritage. She enjoys visiting her family and exploring Stockholm. She appreciates the beautiful nature like the Lill-Jansskogen forest, the (normally) cool weather, and the focus on environmental sustainability in everyday life in Sweden. Last summer, Sofia did a Swedish language camp in Sigtuna, a historic town about an hour outside of Stockholm. Her favorite moments were swimming in the lake and hanging out with her campmates.
Sofia has participated in the SCSL St Lucia celebration for as long as she can remember, back when the Lucia girls carried live candles. An early memory of being a Lucia girl is once when she dropped her candle on stage – but luckily nothing bad happened! Another memory is being a gingerbread girl and dancing around the tree. It is an event she has always enjoyed, especially all of the music and singing, and every year it makes her feel Christmas is finally on its way.

Below is a downloadable multi-page PDF of all of the songs we are practicing in the program:
Lucia 2018 Program Songs

 Lucia Advent Poem

First Candle:
När första ljuset brinner (As the first Advent candle is burning)
står julens dörr på glänt, (Christmas knocks gently at the door)
och alla människor glädjas (And all of God’s people are happy)
att fira på advent (To celebrate Advent once more)

Second Candle:
När andra ljuset brinner (As the second candle is burning)
är snart Lucia här. (we know that Lucia is near.)
Hon bjuder oss på kaffe (With saffron buns and coffee)
och bud om julen bär. (And a message of Christmas cheer.)

Third Candle:
När tredje ljuset brinner (As the third Advent candle is burning)
vi många klappar syr, (the first gifts of Christmas appear,)
och mamma bakar kakor (and Mother, with baking and cooking)
och har ett väldigt bestyr. (is busy at this time of year.)

Fourth Candle:
När fjärde ljuset brinner (As the fourth Advent candle is burning)
vi hämtar julegran. (we bring in the Christmas tree.)
Och alla barner räknar (And children start counting days)
till dan före doppare dan. (until it is Christmas Eve.)
Och julens lilla tomte (And Santa, the little Elf of Christmas)
med gran och julejus, (with candles and a glowing tree)
han önskar fröjd åt alla (wishes peace and good tidings to all mankind)
i varje hem och hus. (A Merry Christmas, to you, and to me.)

Saturday, 12/8 – Lucia performance
The 2018 Santa Lucia Christmas program will be at the Kirkwood Community Center in the Robert Reim Theater, 111 S. Geyer Rd., Kirkwood Saturday, December 8 at
3 pm.
  Tickets are only available at the door and will be $7.00 per person, children under 5 free. Cash or credit/debit via square readers will be accepted. The Swedish Butik opens at 2 pm in the theater lobby.
***Those who are participating in the Lucia performance must meet at Robert Reim Theater at noon for a final run through.***