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By Laws

BY-LAWS of the

 I. Name
The name of this organization shall be the Swedish Council of St. Louis, (the Council), and shall be affiliated with the Swedish Council of America.

 II. Purpose and Objectives
A. The purpose of the Council shall be to promote knowledge and understanding of the Swedish heritage in American life, and to strengthen the cultural ties between the United States of America and Sweden.

B. The objectives of the Council shall be to promote social, educational, and cultural activities which will enhance the Swedish-American heritage in St. Louis.

III. Membership
Membership in the Council shall be open to all who have an interest in Sweden, Swedish-American relations, the Swedish-American heritage and those who have an interest in preservation of the Swedish culture in American life and wish to advance the purposes of the organization.

IV. Meetings
A. The Council shall meet in general sessions at least two (2) times each year to conduct business and other activities appropriate to the objectives of the organization.  Additional meetings may be called at the discretion of the President.

B. The Council shall transact its business in accordance with normal parliamentarian procedures.

C. For a business meeting of the Council membership a quorum shall consist of one-eighth (12.5%) of the active membership of the Council.  In the absence of a quorum no business of the organization may be transacted.

V. Officers
A. The officers of the Council shall consist of a President, Vice President/s Activities, Vice President/s Membership, Secretary and Treasurer.

B. Election:  In September of the election year the President shall appoint a Nominating Committee consisting of at least three (3) members whose purpose is to develop a slate of officers.  The election shall take place before the end of November, with installation of the elected officials in December.

C. Terms of Office:  The term of office for President shall be two (2) years.  All other officers shall remain in office during the tenure of the President.

D. Duties

  1. President
    The President shall be the chief officer of the Council and shall preside at meetings of the Executive Committee and of the Council membership, and shall perform all duties incident to the office.
  2. Vice President/s Activities
    The Vice President/s Activities shall initiate and oversee the planning and performance of activities related to the scheduled programs of the Council.  In the event of the absence or disability of the President, a Vice President Activities shall succeed to his/her powers and duties.
  3. Vice President/s Membership
    The Vice President/s Membership is/are responsible for promoting and encouraging membership in the Swedish Council of St. Louis.  This Vice President is also responsible for receiving and recording all dues collections and activities proceeds, and, on a timely basis, making available a list of all paid-up members of the Council.
  4. Secretary
    The Secretary shall record proceedings of business meetings of the members and Officers, and such other duties incident to the office of Secretary.
  5. Treasurer
    The Treasurer shall keep accurate accounts of all finances of the Council, and shall deposit all monies, drafts, and checks in the name and credit of the Council in designated banks and depositories.  Funds shall be disbursed as directed by the President.  The Treasurer shall render to the President and Officers an account of all transactions, when requested, and at least one annual report of the financial condition of the Council.  The Treasurer shall perform such other duties incident to this office.

VI. Executive Committee
The Executive Committee shall consist of the elected officials of the Council, and other individual/s deemed appropriate to the function of the Council and Committee.  The Committee shall meet at the discretion of the presiding President to administer Council business and corporate matters which shall arise from time-to-time.

VII. Audit
An Audit Committee may be appointed, from time to time, by the President to perform an internal audit of the Council when deemed appropriate, and to report their findings to the Executive Committee.

VIII. Membership Dues
The level of membership dues shall be determined by the Executive committee whenever deemed necessary.  The fiscal and membership year shall be the calendar year, with dues to be paid by January 15th.

IX. Control of Assets
No part of the net earnings of the council shall inure to the benefit of or be distributed to any members or Officers except as reasonable compensation for services rendered to the Council for the furtherance of the purposes and objectives of the Council.

X. Dissolution
Upon dissolution of the Council all assets shall be donated to the Swedish Council of America and/or any other organization whose purpose is to promote knowledge and understanding of the Swedish heritage in American life.

XI. Amendments
These By-Laws may be amended at any time by one of the following procedures:

A. By members:  The President shall propose an amendment to the By-Laws by resolution by directing that it be submitted for adoption at a meeting.  Adoption shall become effective upon arrival of two-thirds (2/3) of members present.

B. By Officers:  The Council members may authorize the Executive Committee to exercise authority in amending the By-Laws.  Adlption shall become effective upon unanimous approval of the full Executive Committee, AND a two-thirds (2/3) majority of active members present at a properly called meeting of the Council.