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The Swedish Council of St. Louis, SCSL, was established on December 13th, 1976 to promote the knowledge, preservation, and understanding of the Swedish heritage.  It also works with the Swedish Council of America, SCA, to strengthen the ties between America and Sweden.

In supporting its mission, SCSL conducts a number of cultural events throughout the year (see list to the right).  In addition, occasional programs feature Swedish decorations, cooking, crafts, history and genealogy.

SCSL is also a resource to provide contacts to Swedish language instruction, folk dancing and other educational programs.

Once a year, SCSL unite with its friends, the Danish Club and the Norwegian Club for the Scandinavian Picnic.

Members receive a newsletter, Gult och Blått, announcing council events, presenting members, soliciting suggestions and sponsoring other member interests.  In addion, members may choose to receive the "Sweden & America" quarterly publication of the Swedish Council of America.

dues are $25.00 for family membership and $15.00 for individual members for those choosing not to receive the "Sweden & America" magazine.  If you have an email address you can also get a monthly newsletter.

Members may choose to subscribe to the "
Sweden & America" magazine through the SCSL by paying an additional $5.00 per year (regular subscription price $26).

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The SCSL has many activities through the year:

Business Meeting
Potatiskorv Dinner

Midsommar Festival

Scandinavian Picnic

SCSL Members Voices (aka October Business Meeting

Gustavus Adolphus Dinner

Lucia Practices
Lucia 2014 pageant!


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